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Place of Observer

Dr. Michael R. Smith says: Wherever you are in the world right now, one of two things is happening to you as an empath.  Either you are matching your frequency and vibration to the people around you, or they are matching their vibration to you.  Whomever has the ‘strongest’ signal will ‘win’ that interaction.

What do you want your experience to be?

If you desire the latter, and you wish to be free flowing vessel of health and inspiration that can changes others by your mere presence, then it is your task to access the special, empowering place of the ‘observer.’  The observer is where you can go every day to notice the quality of energy that you perceive. It is detached from the ego, is neutral, and is often described as the place where God resides.

We are being moved, shaped, guided, and yes, challenged by Spirit.  What made us comfortable in the past may no longer apply. It is our task as sensitive people to access the place of the ‘observer’ MORE often than we have before.  In order to do so, you are being asked to find daily rituals and practices that will unite your mental, physical, and spiritual ‘bodies’ so that you can stay balanced in a world that can very often challenge you to your core.