9/52 Portraits – Hide/Reveal

Week 9 is here in the 52 portraits class. The subject? Hide/Reveal…

I decided not to go with the introvert/extrovert idea that this prompt first suggested to me. Instead I explored the expression of my right and left brains on my face. I took a photo of myself as front facing as possible. I then cropped it down the middle and matched the two right sides of my face and then the two left sides (as best I could). In the collage the original image is in the middle.


So when you look at all three pictures, the one on the left is the side of the face controlled by the left, logical and linear brain. The one on the right is controlled by the expressive, creative, non-verbal right side of the brain.  It’s a fascinating experiment.

Conclusions? I’m thinking the person on the left looks less interesting than the other two. And the one on the right pretty happy! What do you think?

I’m so glad you stopped by. Do you think there is a big difference between the two sides of your face?

Starfire aka Meghan aka FireBonnet

Starfire aka Meghan aka FireBonnet

52 Portraits is a photography course in self discovery by Vanessa and is hosted through Get Messy Art Journal. The course is a year long journey in using photography and words to turn your reflection inward and capture who you are at this phase in your life. Learn more and join the course here.


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3 comments on 9/52 Portraits – Hide/Reveal:

  1. Genevieve March 28, 2016 5:29 pm

    The creative portrait on the left IMMEDIATELY jumped out as the happiest, most relaxed, fun one. Great experiment.

    • starfire April 8, 2016 10:01 am

      It was pretty fun. Very interesting to notice other people’s faces now.

  2. tim March 28, 2016 6:08 pm

    All of you looks pretty happy!

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